Cha’de Bugre: Facts About the Plant and Its Side Effects

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Cha’de Bugre it is a native tree in Brazil and is also found in other rainforests in Argentina and Paraguay. It bears a fruit that looks like a coffee bean.

Cha’de Bugre
Cha’de Bugre Plant Popular in Brazil for it’s fat burning properties like green tea!

Naturally, the fruit is yellow and turns into red once it has ripened. Its fruit is brewed and dried then use the products as a tea, it is also considered as the best alternative to coffee. Its leaves are also made into teas, but are best used as medicine for specific illnesses.

Dosage for Intake

The cha’de bugre leaves are the ones that are often used. But today, there are already supplements of this product placed in a capsule for easier intake. The standard way of taking it is through drinking it as a tea. It is advised to drink one cup of tea before eating meals, preferable 30 minutes before eating. It should be drunk three times a day to experience better results.

If taken as a capsule, it should be taken before eating meals and needs to be taken twice a day. As advised, before taking any action in taking the pills, its best to consult a physician for final assessment. One must be sure of his or her physical condition before taking anything into the system to avoid future illnesses.

Purpose of the 

The cha’de bugre plant is known for having several purposes. But, it is famously known to aid someone in decreasing someone’s appetite which then leads to weight loss. It also contributes in supporting what the heart needs, decrease of cellulites and increase in the number of urination. It’s one way of the plant to cleanse the body. It is also used as a medication to treat cough and to a serious illness which is herpes.

According to some studies, it doesn’t only suppress appetite to promote weight loss; it’s also a treatment for cancer, edema, heart disease, and gout.

Side Effects It Brings

According to reliable studies from some skinny fiber reviews, cha’de bugre has a high level of caffeine which causes some adverse effects to the human body. After taking the herb, the person might have a hard time sleeping, nausea, anxiety, restlessness, frequent urination, depression, and most of all, increased in the heart rate. However, it can bring serious side effect like troubled stomach, insomnia, blurred vision, constipation and is making a persona hot tempered.

Aside from the ones mentioned above, it may cause other serious effects like mood swings, fast heartbeat which results to trouble breathing, chest pains and the person might have a hard time breathing.

Interaction With Other Drugs

The consumption of cha’de bugre while taking other drugs isn’t a good idea. It may lead to serious side effects that may stay in the person’s system for good. Doctors from different parts of the world made a study that there are medicines that couldn’t be taken with it like birth control pills, any kind of stimulants and Fluconazole. People suffering from diabetes aren’t also allowed to take this herb since it won’t complement with diabetes medicines. Drugs like Lamisil and Mexitil are also included on the list of prohibited drugs.

According to a doctor’s website, a person must not take cha’de bugre if he or she is under medications of hypertension, cough, decongestants, stimulants, cold, MAO inhibitors and other forms of weight loss drugs. It should be avoided since the herb can interact with the above mentioned medicines and will lead to some serious effects.

If you or you know of someone who is planning to lose weight, this plant can be a good element to suppress appetite. However, one should be very much aware of the side effects and follow that there are several restrictions that may cause negative effects to the body once it isn’t followed. It’s best to make a list of food to eat and keep a regular exercise while taking the cha’de bugre herb.

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